Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kim Buck...

Kim Buck

The wearer makes the jewellery, a nice thought…
I was and listen to Kim Buck at his speech at HDK last Friday, it was very refreshing and also very interesting to see how he has develop his jewellery ideas and thoughts, I like his “new” statement of being politic in his own way in his jewellery. I like his, in one way very strict way of working but also the idea of those things can be broken or transformed after or under use of it. To play with those ideas is for me very interesting and I felt that I get a lot of new thought listen to Kim’s good and interesting speech about his work and why he work as he do.

I have to say thank you to both Kim and HDK, HDK is very generous to invite people to open speech for free and I went as often I have time for it, I think it’s a very very nice goodwill from HDK to arrange it like this. It’s nice to hear artists talk about their work and it’s also nice to meet colleges.

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