Sunday, February 21, 2010

gallery Majnabben with Britta Grönstrand and Björn Skogberg…

Gallery Majnabben is a lovely gallery with a nice atmosphere. Unluck for you who want to see this exhibition, it was the last day today, but I hope and think that it will be other good exhibitions there in spring time.

Galleri Majnabbe, Taubegatan 9, 414 55 Göteborg
Tel: 031 14 00 59,
Öppettider: onsd 12 - 18, tors - sönd 12 - 16, OBS ! mån - tisd: stängt

Today I finally had the time and the weather with me and took a walk to gallery Majnabben.
It was a really really nice exhibition and I’m so happy for the time I was there!
Britta Grönstrand absolutely made my day, her paintings is really really interesting, little bit like never ending stories. You can look and find new things every time you look into some of the paintings. If I had money I had absolutely bought one of her paintings, I had been proud to have one at home, looking at, dreaming me into…

Britta Grönstrand

The last photos in this post are from the art paper Zenitkultur.

Björn Skogberg was the other artist at gallery Majnabben, I like Björns sculptures and collage I have never seen only painting, I like the dark paintings, but I was so filled up with Britta Grönstrands colourful collage painting, so for me it was a to big contrast to take it in, it was two artist so far away from each other…
I meet Björn on my way home and asked him about the sculptures of his, but this time he want to have just painting, that’s absolutely his choose.

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