Saturday, February 13, 2010

just as you know...

Hi dear visitors.

I don’t trust my Internet company, my internet has been broken or out of order for two weeks now and when I spoke to the company, they told me that my modem was to old and that they will send me anew one, my idea of what’s wrong with my internet is that some link into my apartment are broken…

As you all know, these days we are all more or less depending on internet and it’s really hard to be out the internet when you are used to use it daily.

Even if the company will not charge me fro the time I don’t have the possibility to use my internet, it’s a lot of things they can’t pay me for… as no contact with friends, paying my bills at internet, check up dates or have contact with different works and galleries and so on…

An very irritated time right now, today I just give it a try and NOW its in order for just now any way, I can’t trust the internet system yet, so IF I don’t do any post at the blog, it’s because of this irritated and shitty company thing.

BUT, now when I can use the internet I can tell what I have been doing and what’s coming up… Yesterday I was to HDK and listen to a speech of Kim Buck (I will add some photos of his work later on…) I meet some colleges, Tore Svensson, Karin Seufert, Lena Olson, Karin Johansson, Janina Kurp, Serena Holm, Özay Emert and so on, it was a nice time.
Kim’s speech was also very interesting and refreshing.

Today it’s opening of Lin Cheung at gallery Hnoss and later on today I will meet my friend Josefin Skön.
It’s a lot of interesting openings all around Gothenburg today and I wish that I have the energy to see it all.
A real culture Saturday ending up with some beer at a local pub with my friend Agneta.

I have started to work with my own jewellery, preparing for my solo exhibition in Sundsvall in May this year and I have booked a flight to visit my dear friend Montserrat in Girona, Spain at Eastern.
I hope to see some more of people I know in Spain when I go there in the end of April.

The life goes on… and I cross my fingers that my internet problem will be fixed, I miss the contact and I miss to search for thing, to Google and to write e-mails to friends when I have some time left over.

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