Saturday, November 24, 2012

konstepidemin jus...

Lina Ekdahl
Gill Marshall - Meréus
Folke Olsson
Ami Lanmark
Bibbi Forsmans pottery
Kerstin Sarvimäki
Karin Östbergs
Kerstin Sarvimäki
Sverker Eklund

Today I visit Konstepidemin and their yearly Christmas market but this year it was a play with the Swedish word jul and ljus, today and this year they have light as the item. As always I meet a lot of great friends and colleges.

The meeting that made the biggest impression at me this day was Folke Olsson, sykonstnär.
He is a master of weave beautiful national costume fabrics and needle the national costume too. What a man! I stopped by his studio because I saw the cat Gusto as a wall clock and the cotton loom, for me it create a big clash in a good way, I like when things not is so obvious and when things or mixes has some twist, and this man was a great handicraftsman with humor.

I also visit Lina Ekdahl and heard her reading her poetry, very very good! Always nice to hear a good reader and also very very nice everyday poetry.

Some glögg at Karin Östberg and Kerstin Sarvimäkis studio and some small talk.

Ami Lanmark gives some of all her beautiful and part of and exhibition pottery away, it is the köpfria dagen/ buy free day today and IF people will give some money for her pottery she will donate all the money to Stadsmissionen, it was a great and nice gesture I think. I get two nice bowls and I will have tea light in them here at home now when the winter gets darker and darker and colder and colder. Off the record, Ami have seen the bowls enough now so she want to give them a way, and off course I can imagination that they also take some space in the end, she did 1000 bowls for an exhibition some years ago and now two of them are mine number; 693 and 694, I didn´t know that I choose one after the other in her serial of 1000, strange I can think, they was not standing by each other, they was on different tables. Thank you Ami for the bowls!
I also stopped by at Sverker Eklund and for the third year in row I ask if he sell the beautiful cow or reindeer or flat animal that I have fall in love with since I saw them the first time, but in some way he don´t want to separate from them… But maybe one day I will have one and take care of, you never know. I purpose that he could adopt one to me, but nooooooooo, not yet. I like the simplicity in these sculptural of Sverker Eklund.

I also passed by Bibbi Forsmans studio, unlucky Bibbi wasn´t there, I want to thank her for her friendly help about a thing that I was involved in, but on my way home our way crossed.
I and my two friends Anita and Susanne started our day with a great and delicious fika (as always at this café) at the amazing café in Blåhuset, there it was Christmas songs by Novak Lindblad, Erik Dahl and friends and children. Gunnar Danielssons art was on the walls and a small Christmas market was also set there in the Blåhuset. I bought a poster with squirrels by Camilla Engman.

Konstepidemin is a great and very nice creative area to walk around in; the artist who work there is also very very friendly and they spread some kindly feeling all over the area. My wish is that I maybe someday will have my studio there too, but right now I have no plans for it.

A great day!

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