Sunday, November 11, 2012

I´m sick of it, to be a conscious consumer...

I´m not so found of how the life has turn into, that I always need to take care and when I have taking part and done my choose, a letter as this come in my mailbox; give us a second chance.
I´m not so found of to be a conscious consumer every time when I have to decide something that concerns my everyday life… I think this take too much of my lifetime… I don´t want to take care and look around for cheaper prices and better condition ever time… I´m sick of it, to be a conscious consumer.
I don´t think that Comhem has been so friendly or compliance when I have speak with them in the phone and now they will kickback with a trisslott, nja maybe not something I want for choosing a company. I can by my own trisslott.


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