Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tore Svensson...

Tore Svensson
Jewelers' Werk Galerie
3319 Cady's Alley
NW 20007 - Washington DC
United States

(...) As my objects or items of jewelry speak for themselves, I try to keep narratives out of my work.

Their geometrical forms are neutral, despite being filled to bursting with symbolic content. Departure from a geometric form leads into narrative.

My treatment of surfaces expresses in part my interest in painting, and my objects and items of jewelry are as much images as they are sculptures.
Working with surfaces and colour naturally influences interpretations of the content of jewelry: this reinforces or creates contradictions. (...)


Tore Svensson
Brooch: Box 2011
Steel, paint
Etched. Fired with linseed oil.

I like Tore Svensson jewellery boxes very much, they are clear, they are sharp and they have nice and beautiful surfaces and they leave a lot to my imagination, to add my own ideas and fantasy into the pieces and that is great work I think… I also like the way Tore Svensson work with many similar pieces, when plurality makes a total impression when every piece is a reflection of the others. Investigation is the main word of the work I think.

I hope that one day I can be a owner of one of theses boxes, I like or love brooches and I wear brooches more or less every day, I think it add some to my personality and I think it says something about my day, my choice of brooches before I went to work, and off course I believe that I made people happy over the small sculptures that I add to my clothes… Make other see, thing and feel.

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