Saturday, November 12, 2011


11-11-11 and Gothenburg city made a day full of “strange” surprises for the citizens… one of the first things or event was 11 bridal couple, 11:11 they entree the cathedral (domkyrkan) and get sacred, after that it was a 600 meter long and 3 ton big Swiss roll, it was made for 15000 people and was served at one of the main shopping streets in Gothenburg. Some speeches and openings were also on the Schedules this day.
I think that a lot of “crazy” things was going on all around this world this day… it’s a notable date and I don’t think it will happens again, may be more or less the same date next 100 year.
Next year it will be the last time in our history that we have 12-12-12 then it ends.

My day was as every other day at work; I was needle and stuff some fabrics creatures.
We decide to take some photos of our activity 11:11, and for most of us Swede that weather is important, so I took a photo from my working window, just to remember the sun autumn/winter day 11-11-11.

The night was a full moon night a huge full moon was hanging over the city when I took the tram home in the evening.

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