Monday, November 14, 2011

the intention was art...

Sunday was aimed to be a culture Sunday, me and my friend Viola had the intention to visit Konstmuséet and the Frida Kahlo and Jan Lööf exhibition, but it was far to long lines for the opening of the Hasselblad centres opening of the winner of the year; Walid Raad.
HASSELBLAD CENTERThe exhibition Walid Raad Hasselblad Award Winner 2011 November 12–January 15 2012.

We took a walk down town and look at things in our surrounding, a grey and warm day and absolutely perfect for a slow walk.

We have to get back to Konstmuséet some other day, when it’s not so messy with visitors.

It becomes a great day anyhow, with good company and some art experience in the city.

We ended up with a fika, it’s always nice to have a coffee and a cake and some small talk…

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