Friday, April 3, 2009

today I have looked back in “our” jewellery history a little bite…

Sam Kramer
1913-1964 New York, active late 1930s-1964.

“Mr Kramer was an expert at making jewelry out of taxidermist’s glass eyes, moose teeth, porcupine quills, old fashioned shoe buttons, odd pieces of quarts and other unusual items”.
here you can read a little bite about his life and what he had done…

"Personally, I' am preoccupied with the emotional context of art. Jewelry, I feel, should express these same emotional conditions, sometimes subtly and sometimes with powerful impact and often in ways that are difficult to say. Pieces should make the observer feel and think." (Sam Kramer, Design Quarterly #33)

At this site you can see a little bite of the American modern silver, very interesting pieces and also very good to know, where “everything” started, back to 40-50-60th.

Sam Kramer, Silver pin with glass eye.

Sam Kramer Brooch c. 1950.

Sam Kramer, pendant, sterling silver, moonstone, 3-1/2” x 2-1/4”.

I found some brooch of Sam Kramer at the Internet and search for more, I didn’t know about this artist before, but I really like the way he works…
And he was really early to do “sculptural” jewelleries, wearable object and use unusual materials with silver in the “modern” world…

In Sweden we had two famous jewellery artist at the same time;
Vivian Torun Bülow Hübe and
Sigurd Persson.

These two has been very important for my way of working and thinking in this jewellery making fields… also other big sours of inspiration in Robert Rauschenberg, not to forget, ever!

I think that it’s important to remain our self where it begins, and take care and learn…

Never forget where we come from…

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