Sunday, April 19, 2009

Neomarica northiana...

Neomarica northiana.
Tolv Apostlar/ Twelve Apostles

My neighbour Charlotte called my this evening and want me to come over and look at her blossom Twelve Apostles and take some photos of it…
Said and done, I took my camera and walk over to her apartment; we took some photos and ending up at our inner yard with a glass of with wine with ice… It was a nice time BUT cold as…
A nice ending of this weekend.
Now the nice evening spring heat is gone… I hope it’s just for today!

Namnet Tolv Apostlar/ Twelve Apostles kommer från att det sägs att den blommar först när tolv blad utvecklats. Men det stämmer inte alltid. Växten kallas även apostolalilja, Neomarica northiana.

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