Tuesday, April 7, 2009

kakbanken... or The Cake Bank...




"Det var i Göteborg som kärleken för mikrokrediter och sötsaker lade grunden för Kakbank.

Vi träffas varje månad och förenar dessa två nöjen hos Peter.

Titta gärna in på vår Kiva-sida för att se vad vi investerat i.

Vi skulle gärna vilja träffa dig också, så mejla gärna
på peter snabel-a kakbank punkt se!"

"Kakbank, The Cake Bank, is the sweetest bank in the world! We hook up once a month and eat cookies and invest in microcredits in developing countries. That makes us and the world a little happier!"

Text and photo from kakbankens website

I love all this creative people who take their time and doing tings for others and know that it will get back to them one day… So nice and so Beautiful!

May be I will join this some day, I like the idea very much and I like to eat cakes, but I’m not so found of bakery… so may be I have to drop this idea?!
Or may be I can “pay” to eat and give money?!

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Peter said...

Hi Paula!

Great that you like the idea of Cake Bank! Despite the name, cake and cookies aren't mandatory at the cake bank. You're free to eat (or not eat) anything you like! =) If you're interested, email me and I'll add you to the mailing list!

Take care,

Peter Kelly