Friday, March 20, 2009

in this area I always get new fresh energy!!!

In this area I always get new fresh energy!!!

Yesterday I took a walk at the afternoon with my neighbour Charlotte, we went down to my favourite spot of Gothenburg, Klippan and Röda Sten. It’s as our own “Christiania”, without Pusher Street or drugs in the area… Creativity, fantasy and a lot of untouched open space there all citizens from Gothenburg can fill it with what ever.

It was amazing spring weather and a clear blue sky, perfect for a walk and also for taking “nice” photos in/from the surroundings. When I got home I had taking exactly 100 photos on our walk by two hours + a fika down there.

I really, really hope that this space could be as this for ever, I think that every city need a place like this, a place where you can do what you want, without nice good looking benches and so on… Let it be rough!,_G%C3%B6teborg

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