Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coconut Lu...

Coconut Lu
Melbourne, Vic, Australia


Lovely pieces I think…
I’m not so good to cast by myself, the only thing I handle is sand casting, but I really enjoy the impression of casting jewellery and also the patterns and surfaces that you can get when you cast silver and other metals. It’s also interesting and a good way of working when you cast jewellery with gems in it from the beginning of the process…


coconut lu said...

Hi Paula

Nice blog!
Just to let you know, these pieces are actually not cast. The rings are fused and soldered and the bangle was hand forged and soldered together... took me ages! :)


paula lindblom said...

Hi Coconut!

I’m glad that you find my blog and that you enjoyed it.
I was really sure that you had cast your lovely pieces, good that you tell me how you had done it!
Good luck with your works and keep up the good work!

With love and thoughts Paula.

coconut lu said...

Hi Paula,

You are right that the brooch is cast! I try many different techniques to get different textures, I'm glad you enjoy my work.

Thank you