Friday, March 27, 2009

the Flow gallery in UK…

Also Known as Jewellery
An exhibition of French contemporary jewellery at flow.

20 March - 25 April 2009

Contemporary jewellery, in France and abroad, is undergoing a spectacular evolution: in recent years, it has both staked out new territories of experimentation, and claimed a pivotal position between art, design and traditional craft. While the precursors challenged our parochial reverence for precious materials, younger jewellers are making their mark by adopting a critical stance towards the medium itself, and fueling their research with conceptual nuggets originated mostly outside the field of craft: they invite us, in turn, to look at other disciplines to question the accepted definition of jewellery.

The title of this exhibition - also known as jewellery - underlines the specificity of contemporary jewellery, and the ambiguity inherent to a craft-based, boundary-pushing practice: the work selected is thus both alien to its tradition, and well versed in its history.
The selection for this touring show focused on the work of 17 contemporary jewellers - French, or working in France - who together make a convincing case for the vitality of this rather under-exposed part of the European contemporary jewellery community. It is the first time that such a selection of contemporary French makers is shown abroad.

Text and photos from the Flow gallery.

I love these balls! By Claire Baloge

Carole Deltenre, a Barbie’s dream comes true?!

Maud Traon as you also can see at;

For me this touches the essence of what I working with, even if it’s far away from my pieces, so is the spirit closes…

Nathalie Perret, I don’t know is this is an object or a jewellery, but in fact it doesn’t matter, I like the impression and it touch me, that will be enough…

Sophie Hanagarth, this is really interesting, I think, I like it a lot!

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