Sunday, October 5, 2008

eatable jewelleries…by Caroline Bäckman...



French fried potatoes and ketchup

Parma ham and haricots

Herring and lemon

Some food jewelleries… very good photos and the idea is great.
I don’t know the artist; I found these at, a jewellery art student from HDK
she hasn’t write out any names, a little bite pity, but may be if she see this, she will do a comment and tell me the name of the artist, always good to know!
Caroline Bäckman is the artist! Now I know that...

HDK is situated in the heart of Gothenburg, next to the Röhsska museum for design and crafts. The house was built at Kristinelundsgatan specially for our school 1904, with support from Göteborgs Slöjdförening. Architect: Hans Hedlund. In our house we have lecture rooms, work shops, studios, library, café, exhibition hall and workrooms for students and staff. At HDK future designers, craftsmen, artists and future teachers in Visual Arts, gather in the same building as researchers and PhD students.

History of
The School of Design and Crafts (known as HDK, the Swedish abbreviation for Hˆgskolan fˆr Design och Konsthantverk) was founded as early as 1848, more than one hundred years before the establishment of the University of Gothenburg. The reason for its foundation was the discovery, during the process of industrialisation, of the need for a completely new category of trade or occupation. Craftsmen had formerly passed on their knowledge in, say, art metalwork or cabinet-making directly to their apprentices and journeymen. However, with the abolishment of the guild system in 1846 and the introduction of freedom of trade in 1864, professional skill was no longer a requirement for starting a company, a workshop or a factory.
With factory owners who were perhaps lacking in specialised knowledge, machines that needed instructions and more or less unskilled workers, there arose the need for yet another, new profession with the ability to supply sketches and models. These new professionals were called designers and were in particularly great demand in the developing industry of applied arts.

Dare, care, be curious.
Welcome to the School of Design and Crafts.

The School of Design and Crafts is often called HDK, an abbreviation of the Swedish name. We are 160 years old, so you've probably heard of our alumni. HDK is a part of the University of Gothenburg, one of the major Universities in Europe and Sweden's first Faculty of Fine Applied and Performing Arts.
The HDK Design Programmes are unique in the Nordic countries with their open structure, making it possible for different competences and cultures to co-operate. The base of Applied Arts is the practical, artistic work. Using this base we have theory and discussions within Jewellery Art and Design, Textile Art and Ceramic Art. Through Visual Arts, the Teacher's Training Programme, we contribute to further development of the field for coming teachers in Visual Art. HDK is also part of Sweden's only Research School based on artistic ground.

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