Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hising island today...

The little yellow horse was a gift from flea man, that I will give to my friend Gila in Copenhagen, she works with horses and this little once will become a part of her collection, later on.

Today I took a trip to the island of Hisingen with my friend Therese, we checked into the new building, a fresh new district is emerging, and then we ended up at one of the old garage/ flea market that has existed as long as I lived in Gothenburg = 30 years. Then, our goal; Jenin Grill - barbecue, surely the most affordable scarp in town and so good! We ate and talked, both laughter and tears, life is the sun and rain, so to speak. Full and satisfied we went home again after an amazing nice day, despite the rain in the air so we were happy and satisfied.

A flea market bargain that was what got home with me...

A crazy bottle of wine and spirits limited company.

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