Saturday, December 5, 2015

Friday evening...

A nice development in the city, a new movie theater that opened ... Once upon a time there was a cinema there, then came the commercial forces between them and large companies had their business there ... Now it's back to the culture, wonderful!

Once upon a time Göteborg had lots of cinemas

1901 opened the first cinema in Gothenburg in Arcade. The cinema was in the basement had earth floor and the seats were planks laid on trestles.

82 cinemas has existed in Gothenburg between 1902 and 2000, assuming the physical premises. If you count the number of cinema name will be more than 100, substituting gladly name in connection with the new owner or a major remodeling.

In 1949 and 1959, each record. Then it was all over 44 cinemas operate simultaneously in Gothenburg.


Paley history

Paley was launched in September 1945 by Ari and Marianne Paley. Ari was born in Russia and Marianne in Hungary. The couple Paley ran his café in many years, and in the sixties was the business of the owner of Petterson's pastry shop on the Avenue. The third owner was baker Peter Lillhage. He ran the business until 1991, when it was bought by Eva Olsson, who in 1985 had started the Miss Olsson's Café. Paley was rebuilt, had a bakery and became Evas Paley. From the outset, Paley attracted all kinds of visitors. Even today all go on Paley, we are very proud of. We want everyone to feel welcome with us.

In February 2013, we closed Paley for a comprehensive reconstruction, April 20th we opened the doors for new Evas Paley. We have received a fantastic reception of both old and new guests. We have to be on the old charm of the property and found much inspiration from the 20s, 30s and 40s. To our help we have had David Golen, architect and designer.

We have let renovate all our old chandeliers and made contemporary lamps at a glassworks in Småland. We have made comfy armchairs as we climbed with soft velvet so you'll want to sit long with us. The coffee you get in our new fine porcelain is decorated by Ellen Siesjö, who also helped us with all the beautiful patterns on the frosted mirrors, signs, wood and wrought iron details.

Gothenburg views with Christmas lights...

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