Wednesday, December 10, 2014

today is International Human Rights Day... and menses a part of all our life!

Having menses is healthy, both girls and women have it all over the world, it is part of our lives to bring life further, we should all understand that it is fresh, healthy and natural, and not be ashamed, talk disparaging or not at all about this .

Girls, women, boys and men break the silence, dare to see it healthy in the whole.

Today is International Human Rights Day. The right to health and water and sanitation are human rights. That is why access to clean water and toilets, knowledge of hygiene and education and information about the body and sexual and reproductive health is so important. Young demands to sex education in schools to actually get to know how the body works, what menstruation is, how to change discriminatory norms and negative attitudes about the body and prevent illness. It's time to listen to them.

Did you know that today menstruate over 300 million people in the world? About half the world's population will have around 3500 mens days in their lifetime. Meanwhile, 2.5 billion people do not have access to a private and secure toilet and a large proportion of them do not know how to take care of their hygiene during menstruation. How is it possible that the onset of menses impact on girls' and women's health and life gets so little attention and very often linked to human rights?

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