Monday, December 8, 2014

Sirpa Re- Design...

Another time

RE-MAKE - Tänk på din nästa - Tänk på jordens bästa - Återanvänd! Jag heter Sirpa och är re-make kreatör och använder mig av gamla kökstillbehör så som skedar, gafflar, silverfat och porslin med mera, som jag designar om, och med lite fantasi och tålamod förvandlas dessa ofta bortglömda ting och får ett nytt liv och en funktion. Hello there, Welcome to my world of recycling, crafting and painting, hope you enjoy!

Photos from Sirpas blog and website.

I saw Sirpas things now at the Christmas market at the big shopping centre Nordstan here in Gothenburg  last week and I got fascinated about her creativity! I was so many lovely things that she had make. Take a look at her website and you will see what I mean.

Teskedsgumman or in English Mrs Pepperpot ( one of my favorite characters when I was a child, but then with BirgittaAndersson as the Teskedsgumman), a lovely idea and creature! I like the playfulness in Sirpas work and as you can see she take the step out from steam punk in many of her works and that is a new thing for me, I haven't dive into the steam punk esthetic  but I like it when I see it, it some kind of misch mach over time with a lot of industrial details that is interesting and fascinated.

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