Saturday, December 13, 2014

 Thought this resembled a face...

  - Ishockey och fotboll la la la la...

Old stuff;

Lucia at Konstepidemin with two of my friends and one of their sons... I thought it was as the traditional Christmas market up there, but no... Every single artist that has an open workshop/studio could sell their own things. a little bite pity I think, because even if it was a choir singing, the Christmas and Lucia feeling was missing I think.

”Fanfare for the common man” A clown part of the way against the fanfare of Kristin Rode.
A clown that the son in our company enjoy very much.

We visit Sverker Eklund in his studio and his amazing "girls" sculptures and some new once, fighters... and Eva Zethraeus studio with any more amazing sculptures, that was the whole, then we had a fika and listen to Gunnar Danielsson.

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