Saturday, April 28, 2012

what would life been without a great cup of coffee and good company?

I don’t know what I should do without a great cup of coffee and a cake in good friends company?!

I’m fortunate with great loving friends that are good listeners, good supports and also very very direct in their comments and advice, something that I appreciate a lot.
I want to send a thought to all of you that has support me in different ways the last weeks, it has been my family, my close friends and my outstanding great colleges. THANK you all!

I know that you know what I’m thanking for…

The last week so many of my nearest friend and family has become my complain wall, and I ´m so glad that you have been there for me. I don’t see me as a complaining person but the out circumstance has made me sad the last weeks… and I have to say this because I think that is a part of life to, to need friends and to be vulnerable…

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