Wednesday, April 25, 2012

jag vill få vara mamma...

This evening I was with a friend and "old" college who is special pedagogy from the beginning and has a lovely brother with intellectual disabilities to a great play at Stadsteatern, it was a collaboration between Stadsteatern and Moomsteatern from Malmö. I earn my bread end butter money to be a instructor in colour and shape in a daily activity for adult people with intellectual disabilities a work that I love, these people give me so much, some think that it is me who giving these people a lot, but I will say that it is a give and take situation, even if I am the instructor…I learn a lot and some days I extend my life with some years because of all the joy and laugh.
I thought it was nice to see this “target group” as professional actors.

The play was interesting in many ways (a lot of layers) and from the beginning it was easy to laugh with the actors and after a while the play gets heavier and deeper… The character that shaped by Niclas Lendemar, Åsa-Lena Hjelm was superb, so amazing so great and so remember able, even if I think all the actors has great characters and did it great.
I especial like the last words from Gustav Ekman Mellbin, may be because it touched my life were I stand right now, it was strong and give me some more to think about… I hope it may be gives me courage to move further in some ways.

I have to add that some parts in the play, as the disco dance scene somewhere in the middle of the play felt a little bite like Giorgos Lanthimos film Dogtooth from 2009. This play was also about a dysfunctional family that wants their best for the children and for the husband and wife and somewhere in all that they got lost… they also invited a third person to the family that have other views about life and order, also totally other assumptions in life… vegetarian, single, ideas about dreams and so on.

This compare is nothing bad; it’s just a reflection by the item of the play or some of it…

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