Saturday, April 14, 2012

this makes me think and act...

This is something that irritated me and makes my wonder… I saw this yoga tea barcode and thought it was innovative, then I saw the same idea at the chips bag, and now I’m able to not buy the OLW chips anymore because of their barcode image, I thought it was and is a “bad” sign who appeal to the straight normative family with mother, father and child, I think it’s some much more to be a family or a establishment that this is and old approach that I thought was not used these days 2012. I not buying this kind of sign s or ideas… I don’t think this is okay and may be some of you think I’m a little bite over reacting about this, but NO I’m not, if we stop thinking and react about things that make seems harmless, but there are not, this is the kind of thinks we need to help each other with, so we one day can have a more or less equal society.

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