Saturday, April 14, 2012


My Easter with a friend in her summerhouse at the countryside, a nice weekend… it started with sun and ends up with rain… we made nice and delicious dinners, we drink some good drinks and we walk and took the car in the surroundings, doing crossword, aquarelle painting and knitting…

It ´s amazing to see and take part of the nature and the right of common that we have here in Sweden, we have to be wear of it and take care.

At Good Friday I run into two old friends and they made my day, I have been a little bite under the ice for some reasons that I can tell you all about, more that it has affect my life and I have felt low for awhile.
Thank you both for a good time and a nice chat and a coffee break a cold and rainy day.
It’s good to know that I have friends that care and take their time, it heat up my heart and soul.

A reflection I did this Eastern weekend at the west cost of Sweden is that the houses are mostly white, in my old hood on the east cost of Sweden the houses are mostly Falu red.

It’s always interesting to discover new things about my own country, to see things from another perspective or angle.

The bird house that is made as a phone booth, may be it’s ringdove living there?!

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