Sunday, March 13, 2011

Per Suntum...

Per Suntum and Kaori Juzu…

1999 I lived in Copenhagen for awhile and there I meet Per Suntum for the first time among a lot of other Danish jewellery artists…
Now, more then 10 years later we meet again and as he said; “that was another life time”,
and I agree, things have change and things have happen since then.
2009 we were at the KORU3 exhibition in Finland, even Kaori Juzu Per’s life partner was in Finland… It was nice to meet them again and talk to them for awhile, and off course sees Per Suntums amazing jewellery work. I love his way of working with the surfaces, but I also love Kaori’s way of working in the similar way with the surfaces, it’s in one way very sophisticated and in one way very strong expressions. I think that the both contribute each other in a good way and I think that you can see that they have put a lot of time and energy in their pieces.
I took the photos by Per Suntum from this site, I didn’t take some photo on my own at the exhibition, I was talking to Per about it, the light and the shadows was not good and it’s better to present his work in a good way, therefore I took it from another place, all the jewellery that I show here isn’t in the Hnoss exhibition.
You can also see a lot of other great jewellery artist at this site.

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