Wednesday, March 2, 2011

coffee and art in a good way… as always…

Today I took a walk down town, I meet a friend and we had a nice fika time at Two Little Birds café and Arts and Crafts, a nice and homelike place with a lot of ecologic stuff, nice girls who runs the place and a lot of nice arts and craft to look at and also for sale, a very successful concept on the right street in Gothenburg, I think.
The menu at Two Little Birds was very creative and funny and it felt very spring-ish with all the birds name at the sandwiches and so on.

The fragile glass work by Rosita Ståhl was very beautiful; I can absolutely recommend a stop by and have a look.

Rosita Ståhl at Two Little Birds at Andra Långgatan 5, Gotheburg.

On my way down to Järntorget I saw a lot of public art from an artist that I admire a lot, the graffiti artist ollio. Nice that he got the mission to decorate some shops at the Second Long street / Andra Långgatan. I like the way he use the public space and make me and others happy with his art, a generous though and act, even if the city and the politics don’t accept it or aloud it at our streets here in Gothenburg, the city has 0 tolerance against this kind of art and that’s a big shame for the city I think…

I also catch some other signs and art…
At the 8 of March it’s Fettisdag/Shrove Tuesday with semla/cream bun at the same day as the international woman day. Two great things at the same day, you can have a semla and thinking of all the great women all over the world!

It was a grey great day with a walk, good company and beautiful art and a delicious coffee break in a cosy atmosphere.

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