Saturday, March 22, 2014

Klippan - Lindholmen, down by the river...

Yesterday a trip by the river to act of goodness at Backa Teater.

Backa teater play; act of goodness, it was a great play I think, it was many questions I took with me when I leave the theater, why do we help, why do we give??? Is it always a secret motive?! Or can you give without want something back?!
I believe that sometimes we give with a secret motive but mostly we give for feeling better and that could in itself be a secret motive but in a act of goodness.

Sometimes in my life I have heard; why are you giving or not giving?! Both the folding rate with some kind of suspiciousness that is some kind of secret motives behind my or others act.

In my own way of giving I believe that I have a pay of guilt to my grandparents, that get help to survive and escape from Germany and the second world war... At the same way that some once that help my grandfather without getting something back, I have to help as much as I can these days even if it is with a smile, a coin or some cloths or what else it could be that I can offer for another person living side by side with me...

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