Saturday, March 22, 2014

I´m not there yet...

This is an example for one of my pupil... To try and to let pieces rest or maturate could be a good plan...This piece I did some years back in time and now I wonder what it will be, a brooch? a neckpiece? Right no I have no clue... but it doesn't matter, I am thinking about the piece and one day it will be an jewellery piece...some thoughts you can´t force, it will come to you when the time is right I think. You have to trust you instinct about your way of working.

I like the piece and the different similar shapes/material in it, but I don´t know what it will be or were it will fit in, in the end.

And sometimes when you are satisfied with a piece it will not fit in anyway... so once again you never know.

It´s just to be curios, work and see what happen, you can´t know for sure if you haven´t try things out, and if you have to; kill your darlings and like the situation, you have done your best and you have tried!

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