Wednesday, March 12, 2014

in my hoods... calm before the storm...

Shame on you! This is about  a woman I say hello to more or less every day and I´m a customer at this supermarket. What should I think, this is not the first  time I hear that this man who runs the supermarket has been bad and treat the once sitting outdoors with a bad attitude.
I can´t believe that they begging for fun.

I can´t imagination to be sitting in that way by myself, I'm too old and it´s too cold, even if the spring is on way... I hope people will use their fantasy and emphatic to consider they self in to the situation, sitting outdoors every day and live under a bridge or in the forest in very very bad considerations.

These two photos I took this afternoon, just some hour before all the 200 persons get together to show that it´s NOT okay to be bad with people that already are exposed and don´t have so much to power to do something about their situation.
I miss the digestion because I´m not a part of Facebook...

But I can say; I´m proud of the people that get together, together we are strong!

Do you know some boss that clean the windows by himself?! I don´t think so!!epBAjsWvdCucU/

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