Monday, September 9, 2013

summer feeling... (4)

This summer has been as the summer I remember as a child, a real summer holiday with sunny days every day the whole summer (off course some days had rain…), but the feeling was from my childhood time.
I was my whole holiday up in the North of Sweden with my folks, and I can say that that was a great decision this summer because I was not fit for fight at all, I was really really tired and it was good that be with the family that know that my energy was gone and that the know what I love to do, so they could take me with them and do nice things as car trips, good food places, flea market visiting and just hang around on in the garden or take a swim in a outdoor public swimming pool… not big things or events, but things that fit my life perfect at the time.

When I was in Sundsvall the gatufest with fair was one of the events, the in the end of my visit the gatufest went in bankruptcy, so now it´s just a memory…
In the gallery that I had exhibit some years ago they had done a cheek flea market Duo, it was a lot of great stuff there.

It was also a Tai market this summer at the Norra berget one of the two City Mountains in Sundsvall. The Tai market started last summer and will be a market every summer…
My mother had a lot of great and amazing flowers in her garden; it was hard not to take some photos of all the colorful flowers.

The first three weeks of my four weeks’ vacation was bad sleep and lot´s bad feelings that comes with too little sleep.

I celebrate my birthday with the family too, I didn´t contact any of my “old” friend this summer, it´s a little bite pity, but sometimes the life is too complicated to handle when you are with other people.
I got mail by my friend Joanne in UK, she had sent me g shopping bag that was really really nice and that I wear and use here in Gothenburg. She had also sent me nice postcards with drawing squirrels on. Thank you dear Joanne! I´m always grateful over your thoughts and gifts.

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Joanne Haywood said...

Always great to see what you have been upto over the summer!