Sunday, September 22, 2013

my object or hand piece jewellery in an amazing space…

Solid could be the name of this object, an object that open a new working way for me in my jewellery art…Look forward to dig deeper in this way of working.

The thing that comes out of the workshop was a soft hand piece as some kind of talisman, made by left over from a fir plank from my father’s garage. A material that is very sticky from the beginning become a soft nice and beautiful piece in the end, and it learned me to take away material and see what’s shows up and take responsibility for it. May be it´s an embryo of my coming up work?! When I was working with this piece I work the opposite way of how I use to work, I usually add things to my pieces in a meditative way and now I take away material in the same meditative way and with a big focus in the piece, I got a lot of ideas and words coming to me under my work with this piece, one of the thoughts was; I´m the colorful sheep of my family and the other thing that I already know but become clear for me was; you can´t swim in the same river twice.

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