Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jen Townsend... The Queen of the Night...

Jen TownsendPittsford, NY (a suburb of Rochester.)  USA

The Queen of the Night.

“These videos document the processes I use to create my work. Each video is made up of hundreds of still photos and is set to music. The first video I made grew out of a power point presentation I was putting together on wax carving and since then, they have taken on a life of their own. I keep my camera near my bench and shoot as I’m working. I have come to love this way of sharing my vision and documenting my process. They have garnered a wonderful response from artists and art enthusiasts alike. Be sure your sound is on and enjoy!

I have the opportunity to learn to know Jen a little bite at the workshop now roots in Ravenstein, Netherlands. I Like Jen and her work very very much and I think this and some of her others videos about a jewellery get life is incredible and pedagogic. Take a look enjoy and learn, so much work to do a great and beautiful piece or jewellery art.

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