Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Now Roots... 12-18 August 2013

It will be my motto for the week... 

My bike for a week, we rent them from the neighbor 

My music was; season in the sun with Terry Jacks...

My soil...

My piece... mixed media; drained.

Alexandra Perez-Demmas piece

Anna Bario the piece at the top, Cappy Coundrads piece to the left and Jen Townsend at the right

Koen Jacobs

Yolanda Sucre

Feed back on my piece...

Alexandra Perez-Demmas piece

Thais Costas piece, acrylic on the ground...

Nina Baker

Paula Lindblom

Jen Townsend

Marta Herradura

Cappy Coundrad

Koen Jacobs

Every single piece we were doing should add to the walls, we started with empty walls and it´s ends with a creativity mess...

Material to work with, I bring fir, left over pieces from my fathers garage...

Nina had all kind of stuff from Australia... so funny!

Patricia Centurion had these wishes ribbon from Brasil, but she didn´t work with them...


My final piece, a solid talisman... made by left over fir...

Ruudt Peters 63 years anniversary...

Some of the other partisipants try outs and results...

This is the example that you can´t swim in the same river twice...
This was agift to my new friend Asli.

Now the workshop Now Roots are ending...

Now Roots, workshop by Ruudt peter in Ravenstein , The Netherlands 12-18 Augusti 2013.

I was one of a 14 participant under this amazing week. It was colleges from all over the world that made the week and off course Ruudt Peters and Estela Saez, without their good and well thought program and assignments it hasn’t been as good and great and interesting as it was.

Marta Herradura – Madrid, Spain

Jen Townsend – Pittsford, NY (a suburb of Rochester.)  USA

Patricai Centurio – Sao Paulo, Brasil

Lulu Jokinen – Finland

Yolanda Sucre - Venesuela

 Sam Hamilton – Ireland

Thais Costa - Sao Paulo, Brasil

Asli Kuris- Istanbul, Turkey

Alexandra Perez-Demma – Mexico/USA

Anna Bario – Philadelphia, USA

Koen Jacobs – The Netherlands

Cappy Coundrad -  Pennsylvania, USA

Nina Baker – Australia

and me, Paula Lindblom - Gothenburg, Sweden

This week was exactly what I needed, it comes in the right time for me, the right subject and right right in so many ways. To work with my roots among others and be guide by Ruudt Peters and Estela Saez with all the great assignment they had come up with, one thing lead to another…was as a gift from above and with a scholarship from Estrid Ericson here in Sweden that made it possible for me to apply and be one of the once that participant this year.

I arrived home after a week just taking English in my special way of talk, I try my best and I like to talk, but I do it in a mixed Swedish- English way, with a feeling of reborn. For me this week was about to find myself (again) and be in the moment, to feel and act with my heart and belly more than my brain. To act spontaneous and see what shows up and take responsibility for it…

I was in the morning meditation and I have to say that for the first time in my life I enjoy it, I have always see it as some  kind of waste of time, sitting and doing nothing… But I have been wrong about it and never get it a change until this week when the morning starts with meditation before breakfast.

One day we had a silent day, we could communicate with each other but not with words. I like to talk, but I also like the silence, it brings something to you and put you in a clear spot I think. One off the assignment among a lot of short and long assignments was to be on a field, barefoot and with closed eyes walking around in the grass… First it was a little bite scary not to know where to put my feet… but after awhile I got into myself in a clam that I really really like.
We got a lot off assignments under a day and under the week, but in the whole it made me feel as I grow and that I could see clearer at my work together with all the others and with some guide by Ruudt and Estela… I trust they and I think they know what they are doing and talking about, not always right but with respect and perceptiveness.

Now I have more or less landed in my own everyday life situation and I have so many nice things with me, practical and in my heart. I got some nice new friends and colleges from all over the world and I´m happy for my own contemporary jewellery art, that I hope will be developed now when I got more knowledge about my roots, my way of working, good advice on my way and so on… Now I need to find the way to have time and let the “new” feelings fit into my life.
I have to end this with to say that I like this concept that Ruudt Peters has come up with, to be more or less in silent calm place close to look like paradise on the countryside of Holland, working intense in a group, sleeping, eating and shit together for a week, it makes you pay attention to “here and now”, you (or at least me) forget about home and all the things you have to do… You are there for 100% and that is great and interesting and it gives you a lot of new impressions.

It’s hard, but it´s absolutely worth it! To deal with you together with others, it makes you skinless but also “hard” in a good way (you are human…)…
I add some photos from the workshop and the amazing surroundings + or daily bike tour every day morning and evening.

Thank you all for be the beautiful once you are and letting me be more or less the one I am, it could be a little bite hard to be yourself when you need to communicate in a language you not so used to, I lose my spontaneity that I think I have at home in my own language, but in another way you be more sensitive for the things in your surroundings.
I believe at the future!

The true is that my piece of jewellery is in Ravenstein for ever, I don´t know if it´s buried there or if I have plant a seed that will grow… I was anyhow relieve that I could leave it there in a beautiful area and don´t have it hanging around my neck or someone else neck, it was a heavy piece, not physically but the way I had loaded it, with bad experience and thoughts. The title was, drained and it has with my last year to do, a year that I haven’t felt very well because of another person’s malice towards me and others in my surroundings. I will see the act as a seed of reborn.

The thing that comes out of the workshop was a soft hand piece as some kind of talisman, made by left over from a fir plank from my father’s garage. A material that is very sticky from the beginning become a soft nice and beautiful piece in the end, and it learned me to take away material and see what’s shows up and take responsibility for it. May be it´s an embryo of my coming up work?! When I was working with this piece I work the opposite way of how I use to work, I usually add things to my pieces in a meditative way and now I take away material in the same meditative way and with a big focus in the piece, I got a lot of ideas and words coming to me under my work with this piece, one of the thoughts was; I´m the colorful sheep of my family and the other thing that I already know but become clear for me was; you can´t swim in the same river twice.

I have to say and to you that has follow my blog, that I´m a maximalist, I have taken a lots of photos and I haven´t show them all, but I think that I have give you all a wide view about my amazing week. I have three spots or things that I always will care with me from this place and the first is all the sunflowers, the second thing is the red white cloths and the third thing is the “smoking” area in the workshop area a lovely spot in the garden among all the other great spots and views.


Patricia Centurion said...

Dear Paula, and MY ROOTS TEAM, great pictures, and adventures.
Was really nice to meet you and share some intensive time together.
beijos e hope to see you some day.
Pati Centurion

Patricia Centurion said...

Dear Paula, and MY ROOTS TEAM, great pictures, and adventures.
Was really nice to meet you and share some intensive time together.
beijos e hope to see you some day.
Pati Centurion