Monday, April 1, 2013

bye bye Malmö...

I spend my Easter in Malmö with my friend Josefin that lives there since some years back in time… I had great days, charged my batteries and get new fresh energy and input by my friend and friends and the people I meet on my way at this trip.

I arrived at Wednesday and stay until Sunday, I have done a lot of walking, eating good meals and just have a very very great time, just take the days as they comes…

This is my way back, the Malmö central station where the bus to Gothenburg and Oslo leave from… I also had company by these seat creatures, as you know from before, I like to catch different faces in my surroundings and I will show more on my weekend vacation.

I leave Malmö as I already have written with new fresh energy and a big heart of harmony and gratefulness over my lovely friend and friends; I also meet my friend Sabina and we had a catch up and a fika, I´m glad that I have the power to travel and see my friends now and then.

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