Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saturday 2 March...

The first car fika... coffee and  biscuits. 

The second stop just before we enter Louisiana...


hi you!

Jean Dubuffet is one of my favourites at Louisiana.

Last Saturday I was with my two friends Anita and Malin on a car trip to the museum of modern art in Louisiana in Denmark. A great day in good company and with very very inspirited art. I got a new idol after this trip; Tara Donovan she is sculpting with everyday life material. 
What an interesting artist and what a great work, I have to say that all her objects/sculptures hit me and I fall in love with her art! A great inspiration source for the future.

We had picnic in the car twice under our trip, it´s always nice to not be so ambitious, just take the things as they comes…

Andy Warhol’s drawing from his earlier year was also very very interesting and nice to see.

The pop art design was the main exhibition, but it´s hard to say that some is better than the other, the whole Louisiana area and place with the permanent exhibitions mixed with the new once are amazing and I get happy, tired but also very very satisfied and inspired over to be there for a whole day.

It was a grey outdoor day but indoors and in our minds the sun shine for a day.

among more on the internet, just Google and you will find more and more…

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