Sunday, March 24, 2013

among tap dance and vin blanc...

This evening I was invited by Benedikte Esperi to 3e våningen at Sockerbruket at Klippan.

It was 5 x 2 performance improvisations and I have to say that it was really really great!
I got some back flash back to my childhood when I had a dream of become a tap dancer, that was one of my dreams that I had forgot until tonight when I see Lisa Alvgrim dancing tap dance. It was amazing and it was also amazing that a childhood dream shows up.

All the performance was inspired and worth thinking off, as I already written; it was a great evening and I´m happy that I got the invitation as a VIP.

Some views from the interiors… I didn´t take any photos at the performance, I wanted to be there without thinking, just be a part of now.

It was an amazing evening light.

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