Sunday, March 17, 2013

I don´t stop fascinate by Gothenburg and all the views…

Yesterday I took a walk along the harbour here in Gothenburg… Lovely!

I think you can find all the significant signs of Gothenburg down there, this is a walk that I don´t do so often, under summertime I bicycle more then I walk this area.

Some spots, Stena Line terminal, view towards Hisingen, different buildings, Göteborgs energy ( I love this  bleach  green stalk), the lovely port gantries standing as old red animals on the other side of the river.

I have to say that Gothenburg is a nice city to walk in, it´s not so far from spot to spot, I can take a walk down town to the inner city in about 20-30 minutes from my apartment and area depending of with way I take and off course how often I stop for taking photos. It´s still a big city with a small town idyll, lot´s of cafés lots of things to discover on your walk, lots of historical signs…

When I look at the photos of the bright blue sky I can understand why Gothenburg have the blue color as a city color… It´s the same when I went to the country side of Sweden and see the lovely blue sky in a meeting with the beautiful yellow rape field, there I can see where Sweden got the color of  the national flag.

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