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Humans used jewellery before clothes. Almost all humans own a piece of jewellery. The most important thing a human own is often a piece of jewellery. Of all things humans buy it's only the wedding-ring you buy with the thought of using the rest of your life.

Since the start of PLATINA in 1999 we have run a mission for the kind of jewellery that we think matter, annoy and tickle - wearable pieces where aesthetic can be as important as laughter. At PLATINA you will find exceptional jewellery. You will also meet with protesting jewellery, storytelling, gossiping, chanting and crying jewellery - enchanting jewellery, unfaithful jewellery and jewellery that laughs loud and long. Every piece is chosen for its personal quality.
In December 1999 PLATINA opened up in Stockholm. During the years we have made almost 100 exhibitions and been working with a large number of artists. Some doesn't work any longer but the most are making more and even better. Now 10 years later PLATINA has invited some of them again. Everyone has got a jewellery-box to fill with whatever they think will fit in. The collection is an extraordinary amount of exceptional unique pieces from 78 international artists.

Pia Aleborg, Volker Altorp, Karin Roy Michelle Andersson, Tobias Andersson, Anna Atterling, Yasar Aydin, Rut-Malin Barklund, Ela Bauer, Peter Bauhuis, Caroline Berggren, Titti Bjernér, Sofia Björkman, Marta Boan, Sara Borgegård, Marie-Helen Bornhall, Celio Braga , Sigurd Bronger, Klara Brynge, Carla Castiajo, Putte Helen Dal, Hilde de Decker, Gemma Draper, Jenny Edlund , Iris Eichenberg, Sonja Ekman, Åsa Elmstam, Jantje Fleischhut, Anna Fernell, Karl Fritsch, Kasia Gasparski, Adam Grinovich, Gesine Hackenberg, Hanna Hedman, Gertrud Heinerud, Vidar Hertov, Leonor Hipolito, Serena Holm, Catarina Hällzon , Idiots, Karin Johansson, Agneizka Knap, Manon van Kouswijk, Mervi Kurvinen, Agnes Larsson, Auli Laitinen, Helena Lethinen, Kajsa Lindberg, Paula Lindblom, Caroline Lindholm, Helena Lindholm, Åsa Lockner, Mia Maljojki , Maria Militsi, Eija Mustonen, Mirijam Norinder, Kati Nulpponen, Ruudt Peters , Annika Pettersson , Karen Pontoppidan, Anna Rikkinen , Chatrine Rinman, Mette Saabye, Helena Sandström, Miro Sazdic, Petra Schou, Karin Seufert, Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding, Monika Strasser, Therese Stawlin, Tore Svensson , Ulrika Swärd, Nelli Tanner, Sam Tho Duong, Henrik Törner, Els Vansteelandt, Jukka Verälä, Andera Wagner, Mona Wallström, Lisa Walker, Norman Weber, Luzia Vogt, Annika Åkerfelt, Lotta Åström


1) Tore Svensson

2) Paula Lindblom

3) Manon van Kouswijk

4) Mia Maljojki

5) Åsa Elmstam


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