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open lecture by Damian Skinner, New Zealand...

Open lecture by Damian Skinner, New Zealand:

"The Value of Distance: New Zealand Jewellery and
the Problems of being a New Zealand Jeweller"

HDK, Stora hörsalen, Tuesday, December 8 at 16.00-17.00

The art historian, critic and curator Damian Skinner has in a series of books and articles investigated how cultural identity is expressed in art and craft in his native New Zealand.
In this lecture he reflects on the relationship between centre and periphery and analyses how New Zealand jewellers over the past decades have positioned themselves with regard to international currents in their field.

Damian Skinner says about the theme:”It isn’t easy being a New Zealand jeweller, living on an island at the bottom of the world and believing that the jewellery made overseas is always better than the jewellery made at home. The New Zealand jeweller is trapped between their desire to make jewellery which is original and good quality on its own terms, and their understanding that terms like ‘original’ and ‘good quality’ are always defined by somebody else living overseas.”
Damian Skinner holds a Ph D from Victoria University and has written most of what has been published on New Zealand jewellery in recent years, including the monographs Given: Jewellery by Warwick Freeman (2004) and Between Tides: Jewellery by Alan Preston (2008), and catalogue essays on Lisa Walker, Peter McKay and Jason Hall. He is currently writing a history of contemporary jewellery in Australia and New Zealand.

The lecture is open to the public. Please note that the number of seats is limited, and that the main entrance closes at 16.00.

The lecture is presented in cooperation with Iaspis, International Artists’ Studio Program in Sweden.

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