Monday, December 7, 2009

Bart Hess...

Bart Hess

Bart Hess born in 1984 in Geldrop the Netherlands. Bart is exploring several fields that straddle material, animation and photography, these fall within the commercial and art world. Bart works in primitive and infinite ways. He works with his instinct and starts by using a material on the body, exploring volumes and ways of re-shaping the human silhouette. In fast speed, expelling all his creative energy. He is creating imagery that capture future human shapes and new body form’s. Bart is discovering a low-tech prosthetic way for human enhancement.

With a Hunt for Hightech Bart Hess made a collection of fake fur that touches on elements of fetishism, human instinct and new animal archetypes. With that collection he did not try to mimic real animal kingdoms but create a fantasy world of his own. The way this started was through the process of imagining fantasy animals; animals that could be genetically manipulated, part robot, part organic, how they would move in their environment and what they felt like to touch.

Lucyandbart is a collaboration between artists Lucy McRae and Bart Hess. In it they imagine human bodies and faces physically altered with a shocking but artistic realism. Globules of foam, asymmetric spines… fascinating and repugnant simultaneously, the pictures become even more disturbing because they don’t hint at the emotional state of the subject. Each transformed human looks blankly back at you, neither horrified or surprised or excited about their change of form, but merely present and allowing it to be shown to you. It’s that sort of lucid acceptance, clearly not hiding the kind of imperfections and oddities that society mostly trains us to be ashamed of, that make staring at these “mutants” even more unnerving.

The gradual progressive development of living organisms adds up to form 'the evolutionary process'. The growth of organism is the result of factors such as natural selection. The debate about accelerating the evolutionary process has been going for a while. Are people allowed to interfere or not? Bart Hess interferes with nature in a unique way. Lending evolution a helping hand.

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Body ornament and body image mix, I know that I have blog some of this before… I get fascinated about the way of using the body to create/show art pieces, very very interesting and also in my point of view scary, in these days when you can find kittens and snakes at Youtube with two heads… Everything is more or less already there, or?!

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