Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is a game that I have done for my work at Kulturlabbet, I work with photo 50% a week.

I had the idea of using images that the workers recognize, felt connected to, to create their own game, a game that they have been a part of, some of the photos has the workers that I work with taken, I have also taken some of the photos just to be sure that more or less all the moments in the daily work is in it…

Today I gave it to them as some kind of Christmas gift and they used it this afternoon, very very satisfied over the game, so are I, I get happy and grateful that they like it and that they all appreciate the motives from the daily surroundings, both indoors and outside.
A lot of happy faces in the end of the day.
I hope they will play the memory game all the day until Chritmas holiday.


Kulturlabbet is a workplace for artists with intellectual disabilities.
Kulturlabbet turns to people with intellectual disabilities, interested in creative/artistic
and self-developing teamwork.
Mainly we focus on theatre/drama, art, dance/movement and music.

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