Sunday, February 24, 2013

a comment of today…

A soft guy thinking soft thoughts, maybe it could sees as a comment by the society?!

When I look at the internet and all the comments that “people” drop, it´s muse men that doing negative comments in the comment area… Why?! Is it men that can´t speak up in their real life or are they more frustrated or angry then women??? These days we have a debate here in Sweden about näthat/ net hate. It´s a very very hard climate in the internet world, some people that use internet to drop comments that are not housebroken at all, that’s pity I think, internet could be a great place if we all take responsibility and thinking that it is someone in the other end of the line…´

Guys or men sharp up and think and act softly.

This art piece is one in a bigger context that I have done together with the once I work with a t day time at my bread and butter work, if you want to see more or the whole wall of this art project you can visit Biskopsgården and Vårväderstorgets second hand Ebbes Hörna, form January this year it ´s a permanent wall there with this and other nice art pieces.

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