Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New 2012!

Now we have 2012.
I look forward this year and the feeling I have is that it will be a great year…

I wish you all a great and good 2012.

I will limit my blog posts this year or at least the fist months of this year, it’s a lot of things to do with exhibitions, bead and butter work, hanging around with friends more then I did last year, travel and exercise, take long walks and go to the gym.

What I know right now I have three exhibitions to work for/with and also look forward too… The first one is a solo exhibition. Var dag - at gallery Sintra here in Gothenburg, then I have another solo exhibition in Turku, Finland and later on I and Eva Zethraeus will show our collaboration.

Right now I have my doubts and wonder what I am working with, do I have something to show? Want someone see my jewellery made by every day plastic mixed with a lot of small glass beads?! I know that this is a feeling that comes up every time it gets closer to the show time. I have to work practical and mental with my jewellery and myself, but that is a part of the creativity I suppose?!

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Joanne Haywood said...

Happy New year Paula! Good Luck with all these exciting projects...sounds like you will be busy!

Kram kram
Jo x