Saturday, January 14, 2012

finn fem fel, eller åtminstone ett... the Ferris wheel will be moved...

The wheel will be removed from the city to Liseberg the amusement park here in Gothenburg, so therefore it’s no suspended seats at the Ferris wheel, right now it looks like a big bicycle wheel.

I didn’t believe that they (the politics) actually want to move this Ferris wheel, even if they promise the (us) citizen it, that it would be on the spot of today for two years and then they would move it… My thought was that the politics hope that we all had forget and or get used to this wheel when the times come… But as I and you can see, they have started to pick it down.
I never thought that this was a unique idea to add Gothenburg at the map; we have a lot of nicer thing to show instead of this mainstream wheel.

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