Saturday, January 21, 2012

Emily Cobb...

Sometimes you find things in the cyber space that you can’t ignore; this is some of these pieces, when you have seen them you will remember them for ever…

I like these pieces very very much, they are very organic in an artificial way, can’t be better.

I like the idea of usefulness and fairytale in one piece… mixed with an idea of the nature.

Info about Emily Cobbs

Where do you live ? City, State and Country
Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States
Place of Work ? Example: Studio, College, Gallery, Museum, ...)

I am a .... Example: Student, Maker, Educator, etc.
Graduate Student at Tyler School of Art

Describe your media/materials you work with
jewelry, metals, mixed media, plastic, other
If "other" - what media do you work with?

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