Monday, September 26, 2011

info from my friend and college Alejandra Solar...

The Escola Massana
September 18 through November 5, 2011

1929 - In the year of the World Exhibition in Barcelona the school first opened its doors. The wealthy confectioner Augustí Massana was its generous donor and founded the academy for design in industry and artisan craftworks. With this he anticipated the future connection of industry and arts and set on design early on.

The Escola Massana: A confectioner's dream.
Presenting Works of: Alejandra Solar, Auba Pont, Dalia Jurado, Gaston Rois, Begoña Prats, Trinidad Contreras, Silvia Walz, Ramon Puig Cuyás

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In our gallery we offer a representative overview of the international avant-garde in contemporary art jewellery. Our internationally renowned artists, decorated with numerous awards, can be found in famous art collections and museums worldwide..

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