Monday, September 5, 2011

finally... after been indoors and get more or less crazy about all the small beads… here is the result…

Finally I’m finish with the pieces for Falsterbo Konsthall in Skåne…

Now I have to pack them and print out a c/v, price and material list and went to the post office.

And after that I have to cross my fingers that they like it and that the visitors also will be curios and see the colourful pieces with joy.


Joanne Haywood said...

Hej Paula, The piece with the figures surrounded by shade is really new/interesting. It has a sinister feel to it...but also could be like an architects model, strange...I like it!


paula lindblom said...

Thank you for your comments and I’m glad for them, I think you understood my point of view… I was thinking “stories” when I was doing these brooches, to use mixed material to reach a feeling… I like the material I have come up with.
I’m also very very pleased that I found these small flat plastic animals at the flea market last year.

Take care and enjoy life, with love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.