Wednesday, December 1, 2010

this makes me wonder…

I’m strongly believe that we these day dropping the focus of what’s important and that we in the end mixed things in a strange way of right and wrong… I saw this article in Metro last week, and it hits me that when we mix and mess up with what is dangerous, what’s matter and what affect us, and when mixed/confound sugar or/with alcohol then we are in trouble, I believe that sugar could be dangerous, I believe that flour and butter could be dangerous and I know for sure that alcohol is dangerous (everything could be dangerous if you use to much of it, even water…), BUT as the article says, wish I thought was a good point and a good article, is that things in the food industrial as sugar, butter and flour is bad for your own good and health if you eat to much, alcohol is bad for so many more in your surrounding not only you personally and there my friends is the different from apple and pears.

I just had to post this because this kind of things upset me and I wonder in which direction we are going when we have this kind of discussions in our every day life, when we lost our focus of important things, bigger things then compeer and get lost in our compeering.

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