Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elisabeth Ohlson Wallins photo exhibition Jerusalem…

The exhibitions last day, today… Only 3 weeks at Världskulturmuseet /World culture museum in Gothenburg, a short time for an interesting exhibition that wake up different group of peoples emotions, it was strong photos and when I was searching on internet to see if I could find the once that I like most, I couldn’t find them, the media has done the choose to show the men in the photos more then the strong woman photos.
I like the exhibition for the Bible quotation and that it was a film with a interview with Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin there she explain, why, how and so on she had done and think and act , really really interesting.
It was a rigorous security when you entire the exhibition, they check your bag and then afterwards they told me that I have to leave it in a safety box, it was like a flight to Jerusalem more then 15 beautiful and strong photos I was going to see two floor up with the elevator…
The photos is like paintings and it’s amazing to see this kind of strong, beautiful and well compose photos and the most fantastic about it is that it upset people, it’s not so easy these days to stir up people, I think. So when it’s happen in good or bad ways I think it’s good art, for me art are sometime that touch some leave trace that affect. Art that tells you something or ask questions or just leave you there with more questions without having noon eels then yourself to answer it…

Now I can’t recommend you to visit it, because of the last day today, but may be it will show up in some other place later on?!

At last I want to say that I admire Elisabeth Ohlson Wallins work very very much and absolute also her previews work.

The photo is from internet.

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