Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding...

Handpainted silicon, linolium, goldplated brass
20x20x8 cm

Artists: Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding
Place: Platina (Stockholm, Sweden)
21.Jan.2010 - 13.Feb.2010

On September 20, 2009, Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding passed away.
Platina mourns deeply one of Sweden’s most respected and interesting jewelry artists.

Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding received her MFA in Jewelry Art and Design from HDK, Gothenburg in 2001. Early on in her training, her work had a character of its own and her artistic ambitions were high.

”When I think of Charlotte, I see in front of me her determined and goal-oriented expression. She worked with such decisiveness to attain what she envisioned, even if it demanded an incredible amount of work. She never took short cuts and if she got it wrong, then she reworked it until she got it right. Very seldom do I encounter this kind of unwavering resolve”, says her classmate and jewelry designer, Pia Aleborg.

Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding’s pieces are large, sensational and startling, and she never seemed to adhere to the existing norms. Her sharp-witted observation of the world around us and her seductive signals, combined with daring experiments with materials and superb craftsmanship, make Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding a great jewelry artist.

Charlotte’s work was always based on observing and commenting the times in which she lived. Everyday occurrences, like a TV show, a song on the radio or a phrase of speech could be the starting point for a series of absurd and challenging pieces of jewelry. Because of their size and her choice of materials, her works could also be seen as chocking and provocative but, with closer contemplation and some circumspection, her works are made with the softest touch and with a great love of the surroundings to which they are a commentary. Using humor to address difficult and important subjects can be regarded as typical for Charlotte and it works very well in her pieces.

“Charlotte’s jewelry is fabulously beautiful, weirdly unpleasant and really funny. But there is also a very serious quality to them which makes it impossible to dismiss them as something strange and difficult to wear”, continues Pia Aleborg.

Charlotte is no longer with us and we miss her very much but her jewelry lives on and continues to challenge prevalent ideas about how life can be seen and experienced. A selection of her works will be showing at Platina between January 21 and February 13, 2010.

Sofia Björkman
Platina in January 2010

Short resumé:
Born 1972
1992-95 BFA, National School of Aplied Arts and Design, Bergen, Norway
1995-98 HDK, Gothenburg
1998 -00 Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim, Germany
Schmuck und Gerät - under Professor Johanna Dahm
2000 Five months practice of Peter De Wit og Margareth Sandstöm
2001 MFA, Jewellery Art, HDK, Gothenburg
Own business 2001-2009

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